Hi to all,
I would like to ask all expert there, any ideas to capture the printer name for a pc or laptop which is already connect a printer.

I just know how to get the computer name only:
For example, if i named my computer name is 'Marry', i can capture the computer name using below command in form 6.

tool_env.getvar ('COMPUTERNAME', v_val);
return v_val

but i don't know what is the command to capture a printer name that already connected to pc/laptop
For example, my pc already conneted 1 printer called 'HP LaserJet 1100'

tool_env.getvar ('XXXXXXXX', v_val);
return v_val

what word should i put in it ('XXXXXXXX'), i had try use 'PRINTER', but it can't work.

Hope i can get help from you all there.