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    Normalised DB and constraints

    Hi! I am making a database application around a reservation system for a company that offers reservation of tickets for several events.
    The 3NF i've come out with is as follows:
    Customer (CustomerID, FirstName, LastName, Street, City, TelNo)
    Event (EventID, EventName, EventType, Organiser, Venue, Date, Time)
    Ticket (TicketID, EventID, Class, Price, Issued, Reserved, Sold) [EventID is FK]
    Reservation (CustomerID, TicketID, NoOfTickets, Date, ConfirmDate, TotalPrice)
    Is it correct or should I make another table for Organiser?

    Concerning the constraints,what should I do if a customer or a type of ticket is deleted? Should I delete the relative info from the Reservation table?

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    First one - depends - do you record any info about the organiser? What goes in that field (e.g. an ID, company name etc)? Does your app require a list of organisers to select from?

    The latter depends on business requirements. If you need to delete a customer entered in error then yes. If you need to remove customer details because, for example, of data protection issues then I prefer to leave the records and clear off all the attributes (name, dob, gender, address etc) leaving just an ID. That way you retain reservation info.
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    For the Organiser, I am recording the name of the company. Will it be better if I assign each of them an ID in another table and then link it to the Event table?

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