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    Unanswered: doubt: mysqldump in linux like windows

    Hello guys

    i have this situation
    in widnows with the mysql administrador i make backup
    i saw in the x.sql these lines for example

    /*!40000 ALTER TABLE `articulo` DISABLE KEYS */;
    INSERT INTO `articulo` (`idArticulo`,`descripcion`,`stockactual`,`precioUnitario`,`precioUnitarioVenta`,`totalValorizado`,`xtraTextUnoArticulo`,`xtraNumDosArticulo`,`idLineaCategoria`,`idMedida`) VALUES 
     ('00001-15W40','ACEITE EXTRAVIDA X GLN 15W40','0.00','0.00','0.00','0.00','','0.00','300','11'),
     ('00001-CHA01','KIT CHACARERO AZUL (GDFGO,PORTAF,LLANT-DEL/POST)','0.00','0.00','0.00','0.00','','0.00','300','14'),
     ('00001-P0001','CASCOS DE MOTOS HONDA','0.00','0.00','0.00','0.00','','0.00','300','10'),
     ('00001-P0003','LLANTAS DUNLOP LT 265/75R216','0.00','0.00','0.00','0.00','','0.00','300','10'),
     ('00001-P0014','POLOS HONDA','0.00','0.00','0.00','0.00','','0.00','300','10'),
    see pls that each row is written in a unique of line of text

    now in linux with command in a terminal i do in this way my backups

    mysqldump --opt --password=XXX --user=root somedb > /home/Someuser/somepath/A.sql
    the backup is done but in this way
    /*!40000 ALTER TABLE `articulo` DISABLE KEYS */;
    INSERT INTO `articulo` VALUES ('00001-15W40','ACEITE EXTRAVIDA X GLN 15W40','0.00','0.00','0.00','0.00','','0.00','300','11'),('00001-CHA01','KIT CHACARERO AZUL (GDFGO,PORTAF,LLANT-DEL/POST)','0.00','0.00','0.00','0.00','','0.00','300','14'),('00001-P0001','CASCOS DE
    how you can see, all the rows appear in one line,
    dangeous, i dont want this behaviour when i open this file in windows tell
    me if i try to save this file i will missing some values or rows
    and in linux the gedit dies

    after to read this
    i tried in this way
    mysqldump --opt --extended-insert--password=XXX --user=root somedb > /home/Someuser/somepath/A.sql
    with the same undesired results

    how i can resolve this??

    thanks in advanced

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    On Windows, in MySQL Administrator, click on the Advanced Options Tab under Backup. I recommend that you check "Compatibility mode" and uncheck "Complete INSERTs" and "Comment".

    If that doesn't do it for you, you can always use MSDOS command line to do mysqldump on Windows. This should give you the same results as on Linux.

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    I'd use the
    mysqldemp --lines-terminated-by=\n,
    with whatever other options seemed appropriate.


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