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    Unanswered: Quiz Algo

    I am building a app that creates quizzes. This is how it goes -

    - Create Quiz
    - Provide up to 10 different types of Quiz Results
    - Give up to 50 Questions
    - Each Question has up to 10 possible Answers.
    - Each Answer is assigned a Weighted value.... for each type of Quiz Result.
    - Weighted values are in the range of -6, 0, +6.
    - Each Quiz will also apply the same Weight range for if a M/F is taking and what of 6 age groups the taker is in..... for each type of Quiz Result.

    I have the app all built out except the algo to score the quiz. I'm not sure of the best way top tackle the algo. Does anyone have any suggestions or links to great articles? Thanks much.

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    To clear up confusion i have put up the layout comps at . My hops is that you will see how it works better visually. Thanks again for all the help.

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