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    Unanswered: Auto Generate Java code from MySQL DB


    i have MySQL v 5.1, java 1.6, netbeans 6, eclipse 3.3.2 and JDeveloper 11g installed on my laptop.

    my question is, is there anyway i could get any of the above mentioned IDEs to generate a project based on the connection for MySQL db?


    if i had a db called DB1 with 3 Tables T1, T2 and T3 and T1 related to T2 by R1 and T1 related to T3 by R3 then generate Java classes to perform SQL operations on these tables?

    i have tried netbeans' destop>database app template but it only offers master table and then the detailed table. doesnt create GUIs for the other tables in the DB


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    sorry, that's not really a mysql question, is it

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    oh just worked it out:

    as a reference for those need the answer here it is...

    netbeans 6: new project: java > desktop app > run the wizard, then right click on the project node on the projects tab/window, select "new" then "entity classes from database..." then the wizard will come up for you to set it all up!

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