Hi all,
I am going to put our development (and later prod) schema under versioning by Subversion. The idea is: like all our source codes that are versioned, the database objects (table, view, sp, func ... and even test data) should be versioned. So I can go back and front to reproduce bugs and ...
The problem: In order to treat database objects like source files, one should export DDL scripts for baseline (this is not hard of course), but any subsequent change in schema by developers should be recorded as change scripts containing "ALTER TABLE ..." and "UPDATE .." statements. As you see this is not the best way it could be
I know Oracle can monitor the changes and record them in its own tables, and also I can audit the schema changes but the problems are:
  1. It doesn't create the redo and undo SQL statements for the chages. Just record them.
  2. It is preferred to find a solution that is not Oracle specific!

So I would like to hear about your real world experiences on this. All feedbacks are highly appreciated
Thanks for your time.