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    Unanswered: Displaying Data From Access in Formatted Excel (or maybee Word)

    I need to create a printable confirmation call list with some basic formatting preferably in Excel (or maybee Word) based on a few selections and hitting a button.

    How do people usually do this?

    I can think of some complicated ways with Recordsets and formatting via code but I just wanted to check that there isn't some simple way I am overlooking.

    I learn everything via Books and this forum so I often miss some simple ways of doing things.

    Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated.

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    Well, instead of using word, why don't you use the Access Report Writer?

    As for Excel formatting; there's an excellent sample from Pootle Flump somewhere in the Code Bank.
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    The way I would do it is exactly what you said, which is I would create a Macro in MS Word or Excel (depending on what your choice is), to read the data from the MS Access Dataset into a recordset, and populate a table in the document through looping.
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    I'm a fan of using Access reports as there is so much power on different ways to format data in an Access report.
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    I'd use a report too.
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