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    Unanswered: music database 2 playlist


    I am novice to the programming world so any pointers much appreciated.
    I am building a music db as a learning project and have come accross my first issue. I want to run a statement to filter music from my database that I would like to listen to as a playlist. I then export this list via excel. I have a list of say 60 tracks with the m3u path so I can play the track. My problem is here. I want to some how take all these m3u path links from the excel spreadsheet and save them to a .m3u file so I can execute the 60 tracks as a platlist in a media player. If I was a whiz im sure this could be all automated but am new so even advice on some type of macro that could convert the list would be good. Any help much appreciated


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    Since it seems that you are using Excel to store your playlist, I'm going to move this thread to the Excel forum where you're much more likely to get constructive comments on Excel programming.

    The M3U file format is pretty simple. I can think of several ways to do what you want, but I'd bet that the Excel gurus will have a dead-easy "wham, bam" kind of solution for you.

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    Did I hear someone mention me?

    Ok seriously:
    It is dead easy to save a text file from excel, although it depends on how you show your data in the excelsheet.

    Basically: When entering an entire line of text in one single cell, you can just save the excelsheet as a unicode text file and you will have a perfectly matching textfile. But If you are showing more in the sheet, big chance that you will encounter problems since the content of the cells are seperated by tabs by default. See the attached example to see what you get when exporting the example xls file.

    But unless I misunderstand, and depending on how far you want to go, I am wondering why you want to use excel to export the data into a m3u file. Are you using an ADO connection in VBA or the database option within excel itself? Could you present a dummy in order to understand what you want to do? I'm afraid that if you don't , my answers might only complicate things for you.
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