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    I have a situation here, i have scenario and i am not great at MDX, please advise

    The scenario of my calculation is based on to creat a measure MOnth to date,

    Month To Date should be a running average of all responses for the reporting month to date so if the month is defined as running from 03/28/2007 to 04/27/2007 (these are not actual values), the month to date on 04/10/2007 would be the sum of all data from 03/28 to 04/10.

    YTD works in the same fashion, but is based from Jan 1 to the latest date (or the date selected for the report).

    But when i run this query , it does is take Avg of Mtd





    Which offcourse is not the situation , please advise and how do i limit the paramenter from 1+ Jan for year.

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    Do you have a calendar table to demarcate the months according to your business' requirement?

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    Yes i do have a calander table to demarcate the months according to month requirment.

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