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    Unanswered: Backup All DB2 databases

    RHL WS3 - DB2 8.1 FP14

    I need to backup all DB2 databases on a Linux server. Can someone share a script if there was one ?

    We need to backup databases via script due to pre and post processing dependencies including Mainframe and Tivoli server.

    I have the part of the script that cheks if there are any connections to the databases and forces them out if there are any. Then I need to backup all the databases on the server and I don't want to enter them one by one into the script since it will also help me when/If I add another database to the server.


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    are you using on-line backup or off-line. I guess you have off-line because you force all you users from database.

    Start DB2 Control Center and go through backup wizard and the end click on Show Command button so get all commands you need.
    Hope this helps,

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