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    Unanswered: SQL syntax

    Hi there,
    I am getting this error on execution of a piece of code:

    The select statement includes a reserved word or an argument that is misspelled or missing or the punctuation is incorrect.

    Here is the sql:

    strSQL = "SELECT tblEvaluation.EvaluatorMgr, Count(tblEvaluation.EvaluatorMgr) AS MyCount, " & _
    "tblEvaluation.ECycle , tblEvaluation.Month, tblEvaluation.Year, " & _
    "FROM tblEvaluation " & _
    "WHERE (((tblEvaluation.EvaluatorMgr)=[txtRandomMgr]));"

    DoCmd.RunSQL (strSQL)
    If MyCount >= 2 Then
    MsgBox "This person already evaluated a member"
    End If

    Thanks for your assistance

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    have you viewed the SQL being sent to the sql parser, either set a break point after assigning the value to strSQL or do msgbox strsql

    on the face of it the SQL looks OK

    Buit I've a sneaking suspiscion that you need to rewrite it as you cannot use an aggregation with other columns unless they aredefined in a having clause

    if you are not using the other columns Id be tempted to rewrite the SQL so that

    strSQL = "SELECT Count(tblEvaluation.EvaluatorMgr) AS MyCount" &_
    " FROM tblEvaluation" & _
    " WHERE tblEvaluation.EvaluatorMgr=[txtRandomMgr];"

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    For starters, you've got a comma between the last field in the SELECT clause and the word FROM, which is likely the cause of the error. Secondly, you can't use RunSQL for a SELECT query, only action queries. You'll need to open a recordset or switch to DCount. Thirdly, presuming [txtRandomMgr] is a form control, it needs to be concatenated in:

    "WHERE (((tblEvaluation.EvaluatorMgr)=" & [txtRandomMgr] & "));"

    presuming it's a numeric field. Add single quotes if it's text:

    "WHERE (((tblEvaluation.EvaluatorMgr)='" & [txtRandomMgr] & "'));"

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    Agreed with pbaldy... and Lollers at repeating the Access mistake of (((including) unnecessary brackets))!

    You can use "WHERE tblEvaluation.EvaluatorMgr=" & [txtRandomMgr] just as effectively.
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    on secoind glance you may need to encapsulate the [txtRandomMgr] with either single or double quotes IF that field/colu,n is a text/string value.....

    & chr(34) & [txtRandomMgr] & chr(34)

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