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    Unanswered: sql help

    Hi All, I am trying to find if any table that belong to SCHEMA SUNNY and doesnt not have update and insert grants for testuser using sql..

    select tabname from syscat.tables where tabschema = 'SUNNY' and type = 'T'

    select tabname from syscat.tabauth where grantee = 'TESTUSER' AND INSERTAUTH = 'N' AND UPDATEAUTH = 'N'

    how can I join these two ???

    thanks in advance..


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    you have tabname and tabschema in both tables so
    from syscat.tables a , syscat.tabauth b
    where a.tabname=b.tabname and a.tabschema=b.tabschema.....
    Best Regards, Guy Przytula
    DB2 UDB LUW certified V6/7/8

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