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    Thumbs up Unanswered: field total on page brake

    Hello Every one,

    I want to make total of some particular feild on each page.the problem is total of that feild of that vaule on that page only for example if i have record of employee like name ,address,date of bith, "salary " of 10000 employee
    i want total of salary on each page here the suppose on 1st page 10 record come 2nd page 8 record and 3rd page 15 record 4th page 5 record now i want total on 1st page of that 10 record salary total only ,2nd page 8 record salary total only,3rd page of that 15 record salary total only and 4th page of that 5 record salary total only like so on
    so plz reply with solution

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    Just tried and not sure it's possible any totals or summaries want to appear in the group or report headers or footers. They dont want placing in the page footer!

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