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    Question Unanswered: Instance and DB parameters

    I recently upgraded an old DB2 v7.1.0 database to our current environment Db2 8.2.9.
    After couple days checking both notification and db2diag.log I updated some parameters that matched what I had on th eprevious (old) Instance / DB. Obvious that some parameters are new on DB2 v8, I didn't have it in v7.

    After updating the parameter INTRAINTRA_PARALLEL to YES (like I had before on v7) I bounced the instance and I started getting a message that one of my DB2 databases (there only 2 in this instance) couldn't start due to memory problems, related to appgroup_mem_sz.
    This is new parameter that I dind't have in v7, so the default wqs 30000.
    I had to drop the other database (still not being used) and leave just one there.

    This isthe message I am getting on notification log:

    2008-03-20- Instance:db2hawk Node:000
    PID:69936(db2agent (FACILITY) 0) TID:1 Appid:*LOCAL.db2hawk.080320153507
    base sys utilities sqleAllocateAppGroup Probe:20 Database:FACILITY

    ADM7523E DB2 was unable to allocate the application group memory set. This
    will cause database activation to fail. Reduce the APPGROUP_MEM_SZ DB
    configuration parameter and retry.

    I tried all websites, DB2 documentation and I am still confused which value shoudl I put on this parameter APPGROUP_MEM_SZ .

    This is a RS/60000 AIX 5.3 with 16Gb memory.

    My ONLY database out there has those parameters:
    Max size of appl. group mem set (4KB) (APPGROUP_MEM_SZ) = 30000
    Percent of mem for appl. group heap (GROUPHEAP_RATIO) = 70
    Max appl. control heap size (4KB) (APP_CTL_HEAP_SZ) = 128

    APP_CTL_HEAP_SZ = 128 I had it before on the old v7 database/instance, so I just kept the same.

    I would like to adjust or having a formula ( I saw tons of it and I still don;t have a common one) to adjust those parameters this way allowing me to restore and restart the other database.
    Note: Before I set INTRA_PARALLEL to yes I had those 2 databases (while not production yet but with the same production size) and I didn't have any problem.

    Please advise me what should I do?

    Best regards

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    DB2 memory management has changed quite significantly between versions 7 and 8. There is no single formula to calculate application group memory parameters, but there is a detailed description of how to set these parameters, depending on your objective:

    You need to be registered at the IBM site, but the registration is free.
    "It does not work" is not a valid problem statement.

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