Host: DB2 8.1 z/os (IBM Remote Development)
Client: DB2 Connect Enterprise Edition, v8.1

I can connect to the host through Connect or through our internal application 'D'. However, our application 'U' can no longer connect. It did once, but is no longer connecting.

It is calling <code>rc = SQLTables(hstmt, NULL, 0, (SQLTCHAR *)sSchemaName, (SQLSMALLINT)_tcslen(sSchemaName), NULL, 0, NULL, 0);</code>

and getting [IBM][CLI Driver] [DB2] SQL0443N Routine "SQLTABLES" has returned an error..."-805"...SQLSTATE=38112.

I've done binds on the client side with some warnings but no errors. I bound all options through Control Center and then did them by command line. I don't know if IBM applied a fixpak to the box or not. They are still investigating.