Hi Folks,

I have some btrieve files including their ddf files that I want to export into SQL. The issue is i'm having some problem reading the files themselves. I have downloaded some tools such as BTSearch or even tried to connect to them using Pervasive ODBC driver. However I keep getting the same error (Status Code - 11). I've been looking this up and it appears that it is quite possible that there is a hard coded UNC path in the ddf files.

If that is the case the only utility I could find that might fix this is something called "UpdtTabl" from Goldstar Software. The tool is only $100 which isn't too bad but I'm still not 100% sure that this is in fact my issue I'd rather not take the chance.

So basically I need any input as to whether or not anybody has any experience with any utilities or viewers that would allow my to check the ddf files to even see if the UNC is in fact hard coded.

Note: I have copied the said files over to windows but I still have access to the originals on the Novell server. I'm just not familiar with Novell but if it's easier to do it on that side I'm open to suggestions.