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    Unanswered: Extracting a portion of PK data

    I want to extract a particular portion of primary key field data.For example- suppose there are fifty data in PK field starting from 1...50.Now I want only to extract data from 25 to 50.It is bcos I want to retrieve only the new data that is inserted after a specified time.For example-today there is data starting from 1 to 25 which I have retrieved and saved elsewhere.By tomorrow there will be new data starting from 26 to 50 or more.Now I just want to extract this additional data from the database so that I dont need to extract all data again.Could anybody pls tell me how to do this.How can I do it using common SQL bcos I have to make a program for it.

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    Add an InsertedDate column to the table with a default of getdate(). Add an index on this column. Use the column to retrieve the data you desire.

    Simple and quick ... what a combination!

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