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    Unanswered: Interview preparation

    HI all,

    I am going for an Database Interview. I do have gained MYSQL knowledge but surely not in commercial/Industrial environment. Now what is need is:-

    1.) Describe the Employer about how i troubleshoot Database( SQL)- Simple one
    2.) A complex senario where i had to troubleshoot Database.

    I know this is a weird question, but then again if you can please help.


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    I wouldn't lie to my prospective new employer.

    I would tell them that I have no commercial experience of the product, but have gained a certain level of knowledge in my own time.

    If you lie and they hire you; you won't be there long enough for them to learn your first name.

    If you tell the truth and they hire you; you have gained trust - that will carry you further than you expect.

    Do the right thing kidd-o!
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    Seconded; be honest about your experience. You don't have any commercial, but have a lot of personal, i.e. spent lots of time tinkering with it. Hopefully they will give a little test, and IF you're worth their salt (and pass the minimum requirements for knowledge) i'm sure they'll be happy to take you on.

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