Has anyone ever actually gotten DAPs to work on the internet?

I have been using them successfully on our intranet (using a local fileshare) but need to let in external customers. I have been trying to get it working on our webserver, but I am beginning to wonder if it is actually possible.
I am still getting the error: Internet Server Error: cant find object/module.
I believe I am using the correct UNC for the Source string; have validated from explorer plus was getting "cant open database" until I got it right. I am using the UseRemoteServer=True, have mdb and folder permissions set to full for all users, and change the Source string using wordpad outside of Access before I post since I can't see the server from a PC with Access on it.

I am getting ready to apply the settings to our webserver that MS recommends for windows server 2003, e.g., virtual directory, special user, etc. but before I go there, was wondering if anyone has ever actually gotten it to work. My network/systems guys already hate me and are resisting every step of the way saying Access is not professional I should use Oracle. I'd rather not use Oracle for our 25000 record, three table database, with about 10 users; way overkill! Access has served us well over the last five years or so.
Thank you in advance.