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    question about entity modeling

    i ve got problem wih understanding entity model as i get confused and think there must be a foreign key of each primery key in entity model (i think i am wrong because i should do that in actual database not in documentry )
    pic below is my entity model for fake company which called freds dance school and i found these are the entity ,can any one please give me help if i am wrong in some stage of it
    link for pic
    but i think in booking entity apart from booking id and booking date i should have:
    payment id
    dance id
    student id
    which all of these could be foreginn key but i think i am wrong could u please explaina and help
    or other example
    i think i should have session id attribute from session entity in the tutor entity as foreign key but i am not sure if it is right as this is documentry not data base

    any help would be appriciated
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    In entity/relationship modeling you model the RELATIONS among the several ENTITIES that make the database. In your pic the relationships don't add up to the entities....

    What you should put in each entity is up to you, however your model must have every entity and relationship you want to implement in the DB...

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    probably best to move this to the Database Concepts & Design

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