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    Unanswered: How get values from one table to feed a form bound to another table

    This is going to get complicated I'm sure. But here goes. I have a table named tblPrices. I have another table named tblPartsMasters. Both of these tables have a field named "Part_No" which is the index field in both tables. Then I also have a form named frmPartsMasters which is bound to the table tblPartsMasters.

    When the form named frmPartsMasters is opened I want to have an oncurrent event that pulls data over from the table named tblPrices and feeds it into a field on the form named "txtEach_Price". The data I want to pull over from tblPrices is the field named "Each_Price". So I guess this is a DLookup function. However, certain criteria has to be met before the field named "txtEach_Price" can be populated.

    This criteria is that:
    a) A field named "Q1a" in tblPrices is null and also
    b) A field named "chkbxInclSC1" in tblPrices is false.

    Does anybody help me write this oncurrent event code?


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    Give it a go. You are on the right track it would seem, so try it out and if it still doesn't work, post up what you have tried and then we can correct you
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