We are using Informix Online 5.0 on SCO Unix 5.0.5, we have two servers online and backup of same configuration but unfortunately the tape drive of online server dies and we install new drive. Now when we try to restore archive backup system gives error "device error = 0". But if we take backup from this server and restore it again it works fine. Please explain if someone know about it. We defined same tape parameters thru tbmonitor but still facing problem. Tar is working fine also. Below is the configuration:

OnlineServer = hwconfig -h shows "Stp-0 Vendor=ARCHIVE 43264326XX 27871-XXX"

BackupServer = hwconfig -h shows "Stp-0 Vendor=COMPAQ SDT-9000"

Is it because we are using different tape drives thats why we are unable to restore backup or somewhere else the problem is? please help, as we check all the parameter of OS/Informix Database they are identical on both servers but not able to restore archive backup on each other.