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    Unanswered: check a forms list box value in a qry

    I have a qry that needs to check the value of a list box on a form and return null or 1, the form is frmReport the listbox is lbReport

    in the qry field i will have something like :
    iif(frmReport.lbreport (what do i use here? Code.value ? Code.ListIndex) = cp(for value), 5 for listIndex),null,1)

    i dont know the syntax for checking the lb properties, or what property to use.

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    The problem diff make table qry is run depending on the value in the lb. and if the value is avalue then some columns will not be available, IIF evaluates both sides so i would still get the error, What i will do is add dummy cols the the make table that is run for aValue

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    [Forms]![frmReport]![lbreport] is enough to reference the listbox.

    As for the rest, sorry, you lost me.... and I read both posts twice! I must be tired or something ^^
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    iif(forms!frmreport!lbreport.value=<MyValue>,<UseT hisValueOnTrue>,<UseThisValueOnFalse>)

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