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    Unanswered: Access 2002: Selected data in drop-down boxes blacked out!

    Hi everyone!

    Why is it that everytime I print a report containing Drop-down Boxes, the selected value for that particular record is blacked out?

    Please see the screenshot to see what I'm talking about. All the blacked-out bits are supposed to be the selected values for each record.

    I use Microsoft Access 2002. How can I fix this so that the actual value is legible?

    To recreate the problem:
    1) My table contains a field (called "Colour") that can only be satisfied by certain values ("Black"; "White"; "Coloured") as defined by a drop-down list.
    2) I enter a record about a white scarf. Therefore under "Colour", I select "White" from the drop-down list.
    3) I make a report from my table.
    4) I print the report.
    5) However, when I look at the record of the white scarf, all I see under "Colour" is a box containing the values "Black" and "Coloured", and in between them, the selected value "White" should be, is a black line.

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    is that a report or a form?
    if its a report I wouldn't expect to see combo or list boxes at all.. after all you cannot select the value from those controls in a report.

    you mayhave to rethink your design so that you use a query to correctly pull the values into the report.
    you cna either do that by modifying the original query, or usign a lookup in the reports code detailn format event.

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    Thanks for your quick reply!

    I'm afraid it is indeed a report.
    I'm new at Access so all I can do is fill values into a table, and then choose the "Create Report"-icon from the toolbar.

    I admit that in the example-image, I re-arranged the field boxes to fit 3 records onto one page, and changed the background colour of the ID-box from white to gray. But I didn't do anything beyond that - and besides, the black lines were there even before I touched any of it.

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    convert the combo boxes to a text box (right click the object in design view and select change) that is if you only want to see the value of the first row
    or bound data
    Dale Houston, TX

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    You could also try to change your windows colour scheme? It might be your selection colour since the black lines appear to be the selected item of a list box.

    Convert the list boxes to combo boxes! I think it's perfectly fine to have combo boxes on a report since the drop down arrow does not print, so it looks just like a text box anyway. At least it does for me And since a combo box almost always shows you a column that isn't the same as the Control Source you won't have to redefine it if you convert it to a text box
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