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Thread: Prefill form??

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    Unanswered: Prefill form??

    Im wondering if there is a way to prefill part of a form. Something like the Checkbox you get when your billing address is the same as your shipping address.
    By clicking the checkbox the details from the billing fields are copied into the shipping field?

    Any help would be great


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    place some code behind the scenes to copy values form one to another. the problem of this approach is that you can loose data if the button is clicked.. say if you already had a delivery address and its was overwritten.... you loose that information.

    or if the delivery address is blank pull values from the invoice address for the delivery address.

    you would probably get that it a report, or address label report....

    make the delviery address a blank control, if you feel comfortable hide the controls with the delivery address from the recordsource. in the reports detail on format address place soem code to work out which address to display in the shipping note / delivery label

    if [<useInvoiceAddress>]=true
    ..this assume that your columns in the source recordset are:.

    [useInvoiceAddress] is a boolean true indicates use the invoice address
    [invoiceaddress1]..[invoiceaddressn] are n lines of a invoice address
    [deliveryaddress1]..[deliveryaddressn] are n lines of a deleviery address

    <deliveryaddress1>...<deliveryaddressn> are n lines of controls on the report for the delivery address

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