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    Unanswered: Opening Access 97 DB in Access 2003 - Does Not Show Changes Made

    I have an Access database which i created in Access 97 and up until now has always been opened in Access 97.

    The Company this database is for has upgraded some of their machines to Office 2003. When the Database is opened in office 2003 the changes made to the database (which have been made in Access 97) do not show up, they stay the same as before.

    When the database is loaded in Access 97, the changes are visible.

    Can anyone help me with my problem as Im completely stuck?


    Mike Gatward

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    What kind of changes?

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    Various updates were made including layout and additional fields. These changes do not appear on 2003 but do appear on 97.

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    I'd be guessing that there is a 2003 version and a 97 version and you have to re-create the 2003 version.

    I say this because 2003 can't cleanly open a 97 format file (it will offer the user the option of upgrading it) and because the symptom described is unlikely to be a development issue.... every time I have run into any problem like that it has always been a multiple instances issue.

    You could try decompiling, compacting and compiling to clean it up I guess, but I'm not convinced that this is a development issue.
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