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    Unanswered: Getting error on Linux when starting db2 Control Center: db2cc: command not found

    I have installed DB2 v9.5 Enterprise on Suse Linux 10 fix 1 for System z. I have established ssh connection to DB2 from my Linux desktop PC. (command: ssh -X userid@serverIPaddress).

    I can run any command by db2inst1, for example "db2" command. But running db2cc command, which is DB2 Control Center, produces error:
    -bash: db2cc: command not found
    It looks like Linux is unable to find db2cc command. Any idea how to start DB2 Control Center? It also looks db2cc file is not on computer:
    sudo find / -name "db2cc"
    returns no file.

    By the way, I can run DB2 Control Center by ssh command on DB2 8.2 fp11 Suse Linux 10 for System z without any error. Running the same find command on this computer finds file /opt/IBM/db2/V8.1/bin/db2cc.

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    there are some platforms, where gui tools are not available, but can not find the stating doc for the moment. you should start db2cc from a workstation and connect to this server for remote admin
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    guyprzytula, in which version was this first introduced? In db2 8.2 Control Center still works.

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