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    Unanswered: ORA-12500: TNS:listener failed to start a dedicated server process

    I am using Oracle 9i in windows. In my machine Oracle client is installed and I am trying to access the oracle db in another machine.I am getting the follwowing error, when i tried to open the sqlplus. I am giving the username, password and db name correctly. It was previously worked properly.
    I have ping the ip of the db server and also telnet and I am getting the reply from the server. I don't find any listener.ora file in oracle installation folder. I have only oracle\ora90\network\ADMIN\TNSNAMES.ORA file.

    How to reoslve this problem?

    # This file contains the syntax information for
    # the entries to be put in any tnsnames.ora file
    # The entries in this file are need based.
    # There are no defaults for entries in this file
    # that Sqlnet/Net3 use that need to be overridden
    # Typically you could have two tnsnames.ora files
    # in the system, one that is set for the entire system
    # and is called the system tnsnames.ora file, and a
    # second file that is used by each user locally so that
    # he can override the definitions dictated by the system
    # tnsnames.ora file.

    # The entries in tnsnames.ora are an alternative to using
    # the names server with the onames adapter.
    # They are a collection of aliases for the addresses that
    # the listener(s) is(are) listening for a database or
    # several databases.

    # The following is the general syntax for any entry in
    # a tnsnames.ora file. There could be several such entries
    # tailored to the user's needs.

    #PL TNS Entry

    PL =
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    >It was previously worked properly.
    What changed?
    Software does not spontaneously break itself.
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    It's really hard to judge problem at a first glance to this error, there might be one of many causes for this error

    but one most common is, If database service is not up and running, and attempt to connect to the that database service gives this error

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