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Thread: ‘’ = null ?

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    Unanswered: ‘’ = null ?

    When I use JDBC to insert data into Oracle tables I get null value in the columns when the value is quoted with no space like this ‘’. There are many places in my code that do this type of insert and I never had problem with other databases like DB2, MySQL, MS SQL server etc.
    Is there a way to configure Oracle tables to accept ‘’ as a blank in stead of null?
    I tried to alter table to not allow null but then I get an error saying “null value not allowed” when I do the insert.


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    In Oracle NULL and an empty string are the same thing. They have no concept of a differency between NULL and empty.
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    Myself I've created a standard input format to know when that field has no data but it's not NULL. I just insert "(n/d)". So instead of BLANK, I have my application do something specific for when the result is "(n/d)". Kinda like BLANK, but not really, and different than NULL. See, NULL is very important. Don't mess with that! And remember to always plan for NULL using nvl().


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    >I just insert "(n/d)"
    so why are you not using that instead of '' (2 single quote marks)?
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    Quote Originally Posted by anacedent
    so why are you not using that instead of ''
    he is -- the other guy isn't

    Quote Originally Posted by igordonin
    See, NULL is very important.
    i agree with you, and still cannot get over how oracle could get it so wrong | @rudydotca
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    Well, why do you say Oracle got it (NULL) wrong? It works wonders for me!

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    Oracle didn't get NULL wrong so much as they got empty Strings wrong.
    By equating an empty String with NULL they made a fundamental mistake as the two are not (necessarilly) the same thing.

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