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    Question Unanswered: Replicating only one table, what's the best approach ?

    I have a single table on database A that needs to be replicated to two databases B and C in as-near-to-real-time as possible. The table is cleared every morning, and receives about 40,000 records per hour. Records are only added to the table, never updated or deleted.

    I'm wondering what is the best approach to replicate this table :

    1 - Transactional Replication
    2 - A trigger on the INSERT on table in A that then inserts the record into B and C
    3 - Timed jobs running on B and C that pull new records from A

    thanks all in advance.
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    I would go with number one. Transactional replication with immediate updating. The other 2 seem more prone to f*ck up and this is what replication was designed to do, so why would you want to roll your own when MS has provided you with such grand bells and whistles already?
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