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    Unanswered: how to find client's hostname using RDP from MSSQL command.

    Can anyone help, how to find client's hostname using RDP from MSSQL command.
    In simple words,
    I am connecting to Remote desktop and using MSSQL server management studio in the remote desktop. And when I run select host_name(), it returns the RDP machine name. However, I wish to see my own computer name.
    Thanks in advance.

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    well that is not going to work because you are not the user. How are you connecting to sql server? windows auth or sql auth? if the former you might want to look at system_user. That will give you your network username, but as nfor the machine name that is launching remote desktop, I can not think of anyway to do that.
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    Does RDP write a log file of connections? Or would that be on the client anyway?
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    You can set the hostname value to whatever you like when you initiate a SQL connection. Nothing says that the hostname has to contain anything special, so you can make it anything that suits you.


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