RazorSQL 4.2.3, an SQL query tool, SQL editor, database browser, and administration tool is now available.

Home Page: http://www.razorsql.com/index.html
Download: http://www.razorsql.com/download.html

Enhancements for this release include the following:

Query Results: Query results tab now attempts to show the first database
object in the query as the title of the tab
Query Results: Tooltip on the query results tab is set to the query
Query Results and Edit Table Tool: By default, the background color of the result rows now alternate colors
Query Results: By default, null values cells in the query results show as a different color
Query Results: Added preference for whether or not to show database object name as tab title
Query Results and Edit Table Tool: Added preference for whether or not to alternate background color on results rows
Query Results: Added preference for whether to show null cells as a different color
SQL Editor: Added preference for close result sets on execute to help eliminate any table locking, especially for DB2.
SQL Editor: DB2 - SQL state error code descriptions are now included in error messages
SQL Editor: Execute SQL (One Statement) now checks any highlighted text and makes a determination if there are multiple normal queries (select, insert, update, delete) contained in the text. If there are, all queries are executed.
SQL Editor: Added preference for the Execute SQL (One Statement) multi-query parsing
SQL Editor: By default, semi-colons are stripped off of queries when using Execute SQL (One Statement) for databases that do not support ending semi-colons. (DB2, Derby, Ingres, Oracle (for select,insert,update, and delete only), and Sybase
SQL Editor: Added a preference for whether or not to strip semi-colons for applicable databases (DB2, Derby, Ingres, Oracle, Sybase)
SQL Editor: Search - Replace All speed enhancements
Edit Table Tool: Down and Up arrow keys now move up and down rows instead of to the beginning and ending of row text
SQL Editor: Added menu option for Execute (All Statements Close Current Tabs) to close existing query results tabs and then add the new tabs for the executed query results
Database Navigator, Describe Tool: Enhanced column information now available for SQLite views