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    Unanswered: Date calculations in Access

    How do I adapt the following so that the "new date" ignores Saturday and/ or Sunday? For example: the user selects April 7 from a calendar control. He/she wants the new date to be 5 business days from the date selected. The new date should be April 14 because 5 business days from April 7 should not consider Saturday and Sunday as business days.

    Dim FirstDate As Date
    Dim IntervalType As String
    Dim Number As Integer
    Dim Msg
    IntervalType = "d" '"d" specifies days as interval
    FirstDate = Calendar1
    Number = InputBox("Enter number of days to add")
    Msg = "New date: " & DateAdd(IntervalType, Number, FirstDate)

    I'm also trying to figure out how to ignore holidays ( I have a holiday table).

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    Perhaps this article by Microsoft will help:

    But it doesn't take into account holidays which you may have to use your holiday table for in the function.
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    I tend to loop adding a day to the target date until the date doesn't start with S and isn't in the holiday table.
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