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    Unanswered: ODBC connection to DB2 need 55 sec

    this is my first post in this forum..
    I have a problem with a ODBC connection.

    Server: 8.2 (fixpack 15) Windows 2003 Domain-Users
    Client: 8.2 (fixpack 15)

    First i used db2 runtime clients 6.1 and all worked fine..

    Now I have to use runtime clients 8.2 ( external Software need this version) and the connection to the Server over ODBC need ca. 55 sec until i get a "Connection sucessfull tested"..
    In a db2cmd window the connection runs well and fast.
    Also with the other clients (6.1) I never had problems connecting with odbc.

    I used wireshark to sniff the networktraffic between client and server. (see gif)
    I don´t realy understand what the things meen, but here you can see the time (57sec) the connection need to finish.

    Hope someone can help me..

    Kind regards
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    Have you explicitly activated the database (see the ACTIVATE DATABASE command) or does the first connection have to activate the database and potentially perform crash recovery?
    Knut Stolze
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    i did not used this command, because the database are still active since 2 months on this server.. I have this problem only from this 8.2 clients, other clients accessing this server work fine..
    The Database should be just started, because it is used by diffrend users.
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