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Thread: error 2203

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    error 2203

    Hi people,
    Can anyone help me?
    I have corel draw and have recently stated getting a 2203 error message when I try to print to Pdf. This just started. I am stuck and cannot make Pdf's.

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    Sorry.. I doubt you will get an answer to an application specific problem in this forum, unless its one of the applciations used for database development, such as Delphi, Acess, Crystal reports etc...

    it could be in Corel, it could be somethting has nuked your PDF printer..... installing a newer version of Acrobat reader can do this.

    test to see if you cand vcreate PDF's in another application.. if not then you knwo its not Corel Draw. its probably the PDF installaion.. it could be a shared DLL......

    Id suggest reinstalling the PDF writher / printer software and see if that clears the fault

    alternativley try to find out what has changed n bewtweent he time it was last known to work, and now.

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