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    Unanswered: New to SYBASE Administration

    Hi Guys,

    I'm relatively new to this forum and new to the Sybase realm...

    Is there a nice way to print a specific page in ASE and see its contents? i.e. I want to see what data the specific page is holding...

    I know there is a dbcc page command but this is confusing as it takes a page no. as a parameter but I dont the page numbers.

    For example, how do i print a list of all page numbers related to the table in question? And then print one of these pages to see how many rows of data it is holding etc??


    Oh, I am running ASE 15.0 on the linux platform

    I tried to do:

    dbcc ind ('db_name', 'table_name', 1)

    but this command is not supported anymore :-(

    How can i display the first page of my table? and all the subsequent pages??

    Thanks in advance.....
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