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    Post Unanswered: datafile extension

    hi all,
    we have oracle 10g datase on aix 5.3 operating system and are using ASM storage system.
    the users tablespace is running out of space and its not autoextensible.
    i want to extend the datafile but when i select the filename from dba_data_files so that i can get the path for the location of the datafile on the operating system i only get the path on the disks but for me to be able to extend the datafile i need to know the path on the operating system. i don't seem to be getting the path and i guess it has something to do with the mapping. i need to find the file to device mapping so that i can extend the users tablespace. you can also help me with some advice on the best way to go about extending the tablespace because it looks like its not as straight forward as when you are not using ASM storage
    thank you.

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    ASM files do not have path to operating system if using "raw" devices.

    But you can still extend the ASM file with the 'ALTER' command as with any other file.
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    asmcmd lsdg
    Lists all disk groups & their attributes
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    thanks, i managed to extend, i think i was making a mistake sumwhere.

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