hi guys:
I would really appreciate if someone can guide me on this problem or point me to the right direction. Being a senior developer , I have to take on Database migration project as DBA. I do have oracle experience as developer but none whatsoever as DBA.

Strategy I have(Please confirm that its the right strategy)

My plan is to export the dump file from Unix and ftp the dump file to Windows XP. Then having Oracle 10g enterprise import the dump file into Oracle 10g using PUMP utililty and then connect via ODBC from SQL Server to Oracle 10 g and import the data into SQL Server.

Database exporting the data from:

Oracle 7.3
Solaris 5.5(unix based)

So i exported the file in .dmp and ftp'd the file in BINARY mode to Windows XP

Database importing the data in:

Oracle 10g / WIndows xp
using oracle pump utility

Final Database which will hold the data:
SQL Server 2000

Error Message getting while importing the dump file into Oracle 10g :
IMP- or ORA- error messages were generated when reading the file. Probably cause: You don't have enough permissions or you can't import the file.

the questions I have done are as the following:
I believe to import dmp file into Oracle 10 g these are the things and steps required:
1-Create the tablespace with the same size and importing database?
2-tablespcae has to be the same name as schema name?
3-Previleges have to be give to import data?
4-imp (command prompt) or Import Pump utility can be invoked to import?

Any guidance and help will be much appreciated.
Thank you in advance.