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    Unanswered: load the database from 32-bit to 64-bit

    Hi SYbase WOrld Team Memeber,

    I have 32-bit ASE running on HP. I want move my database on 64-bit.

    On 32-bit
    My database device is as
    Total---> 100GB

    On 64-bit
    /dev/datdev2------- 32GB
    Total---> 100Gb

    Can I load from 32-bit to 64-bit with above devices?


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    Yes, and you don't need a 64-bit version to do it
    as long as the groups of data and log stay the same e.g.
    data1 10G
    data2 10G
    log1 10G
    data3 20G
    data1 20G
    log1 10G
    log2 10g
    data4 10G
    data4 10G
    data4 10G
    data5 10G

    can be loaded to
    data1 20G
    log1 10G
    data1 12G -- now total 32G on data1
    data2 28G
    log1 20G
    data2 4G -- now total 32G on data2
    data3 32G
    data4 4G

    ASE 15 no longer has a 32 GB limit per device

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