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    Unanswered: Double join solutions?


    I have 2 tables, "locations" and "travels"
    location_id, subdivision, city, region, country, continent
    date, src_location_id, dst_location_id, duration

    I want to display statistics based on location, something like:
    "travels to mount everest by country" or "most popular summer vacation cities by country"

    my program assembles an SQL statement that looks like this:

    SELECT, loc2.region, COUNT(*), SUM(t.duration)
    FROM travels t
    LEFT OUTER JOIN locations loc1 ON t.src_location_id = loc1.location_ID
    LEFT OUTER JOIN locations loc2 ON t.dst_location_id = loc2.location_ID
    /*WHERE date = xxx, etc etc*/
    GROUP BY, loc2.region

    The location table contains thousands of locations, and compounded with tens of thousands of travel data, it's just too slow.

    I tried to create a materialized view that appended src_city, dst_city, src_region, dst_region, etc... to the travels table,
    but it seems that I can't perform fast refreshes on joined tables.

    Any suggestions?
    Thanks for your time!

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    "Thousands" and "tens of thousands" are small tables.

    Did you create indexes on relevant columns? What does EXPLAIN PLAN say?

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