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Thread: DB2 to VSAM

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    Unanswered: DB2 to VSAM

    Hi All

    I am into a project were we are moving from DB2 to VSAM, our application is small and has both online and batch process. I searched the net for similar projects..

    What r things i need to take care of...

    1) Move data from DB2 to VSAM files
    2) replace sql codes from the program with file statements
    3) create new copybooks
    4) Change the JCLS for files
    5) making FCT entries
    6) VSAM files share options
    7) back ups and archiving of files
    8) ad-hoc jobs (ones which were done by spufi or qmf)..

    any data or presentations or links will be greatfull

    Thanks & regards

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    Sorry, I can't resist: DB2 z/OS stores its data already in VSAM files. So you are moving from VSAM to VSAM.
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    Appreciate the reply and like ur sense of humour.....

    well we r planning to access the data using access methods instead of queries and cursors...

    we would like to read data via file aid for vsam instead of file aid for db2...

    any points given in a serious note will be of great help to me....


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    Quote Originally Posted by kasigun
    any points given in a serious note will be of great help to me

    OK, Well there are none

    Usually it's the other way around and typically it's a mess

    You must be in Manglement because you think you're saving money

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    The physical order of data in a database has no meaning.

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