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    Unanswered: Named sql instance not accessible remotly

    Hi All,

    We have two Baan erp servers 1) SQL2005 on windows 2003 server 2) SQL2000 on windows 200 server.

    SQL 2005 server has two database instances, one being the default and the other one as a named instance.

    We have been trying to access the data in these two database instances from the second server for our baan erp application on it. Now, we are able to see the data for default instance, but if we try to fetch the data from named instance we end up getting dberror 17.

    We tried to register the named instance on the second server using "new sql server registration wizard" in sql 2000 enterprise manager, but there also the list only shows the default instance from sql 2005 server. I tried to type in the named instance and register (both windows and sql server authentication), but end up getting error "Database instance doesn't exist or access denied".

    So, for some reason, the named instance from sql 2005 server is not getting published on the network. Please suggest some ways to get around this issue.



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    Check if remote access is enabled on the named instance. Check protocols that you are using when trying to connect, - np or tcp, - need to be enabled using config manager.
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