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Thread: oracle problem

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    Unanswered: oracle problem

    Dear All,

    I need to install Oracle patch 4 on Suse Linux 7.0. On this machine Oracle is already installed through RPM.

    I have downloaded patch 4 from metalink but when I am trying to install with the help $ORACLE_HOME/bin/runInstaller, it is saying, "There are no patches that need to be applied from the patch set Oracle 8i Patchset".

    This message I am getting after I give the source path of products.jar for patch installation in stage directory.

    When I try to see installed and uninstalled products in runInstaller GUI, it is not showing anything.

    It seems that, Since Oracle was installed through RPM thats why no information on installed product is being display here in GUI window.

    Can somebody suggest me, how to populate the list with installed products of that runInstaller GUI window can identify the installed products and should allow me to install Patch 4.

    Thanks in anticipation.

    Best Regards,

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    If this is just a client installation, there may in fact be no changes in

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    this is not a client installation, this is server installation.

    Please let me know your view.

    Thanks, Rajeev

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