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    Question Unanswered: Offline Conversion of MDF to MySQL Importable File

    Ok here's my situation...I have MDF/LDF files from a MS SQL database, and I need to convert/import it into MySQL on my server. Now, there are TONS of tools to do this, but for all of them you need access to the SQL Server, which I do not have anymore, I just have the MDF/LDF files from the server on a different computer now, so I basically need a program that will convert this MDF file to a file I can import into my MySQL DB...

    ...Also, I DO have phpMyAdmin, and I have tried importing the MDF file on it's own, without conversion, selecting all different forms of compatibility/character set options, but it always spits out an error, and will nto import. How can I get this file at least converted to an importable file so I can get the data into MySQL without access to a SQL Server?...I just have the MDF files, no MSSQL server access.

    ::: Connor

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    Quote Originally Posted by crobs808
    I just have the MDF files, no MSSQL server access.
    download the desktop version, i think it's called SQL Server Express or something (the child of MSDE) | @rudydotca
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    Unhappy doesn't work

    I tried that. Installed SQL 2005 Express from Microsoft's website, but there is no "attach" option to attach the database to 2005 Express. I even tried to manually rename the MDF and LDF files to 'master' and 'mastlog' and replace the default DB files, and that wouldnt work either

    any other ideas?

    - connor

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