As my screen name suggests, I am a Newbie to DB's and I have an issue that I do not know where to turn to.

Here is my issue and i hope someone can point me in the direction as to where i can post my issue and hopefully get an answer that would help out a newbie.

I took a course in Crystal Reports but thats it.
I am trying to create a new report and i am getting an error message
i do the following in Crystal Reports using Pervasive SQL V8:

File/New - create a blank report
go to ODBC and go to the location where the DB's are.
click on the two DB's that i need
once i click on close i get the following error message

ODBC error: [pervasive][odbc client interface][lna][pervasive][odbc engine interface]driver not capable.

I click on OK and i get to link the DB's.

not sure if this will cause a problem down the road or not.
Any one have a clue as to why i am getting this error message?
if more information is need i will gladly supply what i can.
i am not a SQL or DB person, so i know very little about this stuff. Any help would be greatly appreciated!! I am clueless!!!!!!!