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    Unanswered: validation problem in asp

    hi, i am trying to enter data into an acess db via an sql website form. the databse feilds have validation. when a coorect value is entered in access it accept it, but when the same value is entered through the website it returns an error.

    the validation is for email address

    Is Null Or ((Like "*?@?*.?*") And (Not Like "*[ ,;]*"))

    any ideas why access accept the value and asp does not?


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    Well then; first off what are the question marks?

    Secondly, you have the @ symbol before your full stop, so tony DOT smith AT is incorrect.

    With regards to email validation; you're far better of using regular expressions. Yes, they are more complicated to understand, but Google and RegExLib will give you everything you need fairly easily
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