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    Movie database design

    Hi folks

    I am trying to come up with a good design for a movie database.
    The information I want to store about each movie is:
    Title, Actors, Genres, Writers, Director(s), Country, Year, Running Time, Rating, Keyword

    It must be possible to search by any of these, and any combination of these.
    I figured Actors, Writers and Director(s) are persons and can as such be stored as a separate "Person" db.
    Should I also detach for example genre or country or keywords as separate tables? I know one movie can have several genres and vice versa.
    And if so, how should I link for instance genres to the movie table?

    I am quite a newbie in databases, so please forgive my infantile questions.
    I just want to have a robust and strong database that can handle multiple searches on any column.


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    Do you know what a many-to-many relationship is? And, how it is implemented in a relational database?
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