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    Unanswered: search query

    I am trying to build a search engine and I've run into a little problem with exclude from results- can anyone see what is wrong with this statement....

    SELECT archive_search_wordmatch.unique_id 
    FROM archive_search_wordmatch 
    INNER JOIN archive_search_wordlist 
    ON (archive_search_wordmatch.word_id = archive_search_wordlist.word_id) 
    WHERE archive_search_wordlist.word_text IN ('fruit') 
    AND NOT EXISTS ( SELECT archive_search_wordlist.word_id FROM archive_search_wordlist WHERE archive_search_wordlist.word_text IN ('apple','pear','orange') ) 
    GROUP BY archive_search_wordmatch.unique_id LIMIT 0, 5000

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    nevermind I found it....

    This is from 2005, I guess it still aplies

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