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    Unanswered: Change text colors when date expired.

    Hey I am using acc2003 and have a db that tracks dates. These dates expire depending on the qualification for that individual. I am wanting to make it so that as the dates are about to expire they turn one color and after they are expired they turn another color.

    An example if a date on a certain qualification is within 1 month of expiration I want that date to turn to say blue. If the date actually expires then it will turn red.

    Thanks for the help.


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    Hey Mike, try Conditional Formatting for a control on a form (or report). Select the control with the date, then Format / Conditional Formatting. It works alot like Excel's. You can enter a set value like <1/1/2008 to show a certain format if the date is before this year, or a calculation like >=Now()-30 to format if the date is within a month.

    Programming can do more. Use the Form_Current and an if-then-else block.

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