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    Unanswered: mutliselect list box and date range

    I attach an MDB that the has the multiselect listbox
    control. I would however, like to include on the same form
    a criteria for a date range; start date, end date and then
    build that into the sql when I run the query.
    I woiuld also like to make the "All" stay at the top of the
    list box.

    Can anyone please help me on these 2 items.

    Many thanks

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    I see no attachment...

    Please don't just upload your files and expect people to fix them for you. Try explain your problems in details; what the scenario is, what you're trying to achieve and what you've tried so far.
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    multiselect list box and a date range

    Hi George

    The reason for wanting to upload the file was to show/explain what I had done so far, ie. to have a
    multiselect list box on a form from which to select
    items and then to further filter the data with a date range having 2 text boxes; startdate and enddate. Optionally I asked if there was a way of keeping the All at the top of the
    list within the list box. Subsequently I have learnt that it is not possible.
    Am I able to upload the file and show you what I have done ?

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